Monday, March 4, 2013

The Latest Permutation of Tina's Classes

Writing is a process, when you get to the end you will need to know how to begin again. Each moment you are matching yourself to the reader, you are matching yourself to the story, you are matching yourself to the moment and your own heart, your own interests. To make this difficult, our minds tend to be revolving billboards throwing up signs of fast food and quick cash, messages trying to direct you to the proverbial easy street, but you are not to heed them, you are to watch the road, watch how it rises to meet you. Some people would experience that as a bump, but not you, you know it is just an opportunity to practice. You relish it. This is the lesson of the ordinary in a world that says it wants the original. The world doesn’t know itself, what it really wants is you and your story; real, true and heartfelt.

So I have been trying different things around my studio to varying degrees of success. And what success and failure means is just how well do my plans and ideas match up with my people's needs. Like the circle of development a writer needs to follow, so too is the circle of development for a teacher. Below is the cycle the studio and I are trying on for size. I have a committed group of folks that I wouldn't want to change for the world. We are on the path together. They will let me know how this works!

This is what I know people need (for now anyway):

 One - a time committed to writing. This is always hard to do and especially when you haven’t been doing it for a while. Therefore they get a Write-in. Two hours of dominated writing. You will adhere to my schedule and you will be productive.

Two - they need exercise for inspiration. Right or wrong, your head gets into a groove. It can’t help it, the synapses fire again and again, digging ruts into your delicate brain. You have to shake things up in order to get out. Whether you need it or not, Exercise Class!

Three - you need people. Others who are trying to transform through words, just like you. One time a month is for chatting and partying, i.e. Writer's Social. There will be writing as well, but this is about sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Because you are bound to get all of the above. Then the next month, we start all over again.

Finally, I am instituting the punch card. Sign up for any single class for $15. Or buy any three for the low, low price of $40. Or even less expensive, buy 6 punches for $60. I will need to suspend my schedule from time to time. You might need to too. The thing is, I need you to make a commitment. The thing is, you need you to make a commitment too. My punch cards can be purchased through Paypal if that is easier for you(email me and I will send you a link), or otherwise come and buy them from me at the studio. For now I will set expiration dates on the cards for a year from purchase. I accept cash, check, or work in trade. What do you got that I need?

Find Tina's Studio Calendar in the sidebar to the right. Subscribe if you want to come to every single class. I have scheduled them through May for now.