Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Writing Poetry in Nat's class

I got the opportunity to go to Nat's class' presentation of the poems they have been writing with a poet for the month of April. I think this writer was so smart to have the parents do a writing exercise. We slid into tiny little desks and were given a little paper and pencil and then she talked about us to our children. This is going to be hard for your parents. They are going to want to talk to their neighbor. I don't know what to write, they are going to whisper. And then she had us put our heads down. When we all looked around as if asking,  must we, really? She said yes. And we did and while we were there closing our eyes she had us dream because she said dreaming is necessary to the writing. She led us she had first read a poem by Mamaday. An 'I am' poem and had the kids talk about it (very intelligently I may add) and then led us though our dream having us imagine things that we might be, like a color or an object or a place and then when she was done, leading us through those thoughts she had us begin to write. There was no talking. It was after that that all the students read the poems that they had written over the course of the two week residency, or one week or whatever it was. When it was all over my daughter came and read my poem while I went to get a cup of coffee - no punch was served. She said, why did you say you were the color of a porch floor? You are not one of those old phonograph players. Haha. Hers was very lovely, of course.