Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blog Statement

The use of this blog has been minimal over the past few years. I could not figure out how it was functioning for me, therefore I had no idea how to form appropriate thoughts and display them here. But from this blog's inception it was to be a practice blog and as such it has more than served its purpose. I have learned much owning and operating it. Met many people, some who I remain in contact with, most whom I do not. I've had to go away these recent years in order to grow a part of myself that was calling to me and having done that, my intention is to return. But not in the same ways.  I am not promising regularity, or perfection, or even interesting. I am promising communication. As much of it as I have time for. And if I can't find the time, I will communicate that.

Here is my promise to myself: blogging will not an obligation, it will be an opportunity and a privilege. It is a means to other ends. I will use it to share teaching, parenting, yoga, writing philosophies, classes, and things I am not yet able to foresee.

Here is a promise to you, dear reader: I will appreciate your presence in whatever ways make sense. Working with uncertainty here! Any and all feedback welcome! Thanks for showing up!