about The Practice Room

The Practice Room is a virtual place focussed on community and the practice of writing. Sign in, set a goal, and spend an hour working. The purpose of The Practice Room is to give you the structure to put aside your perfections and your procrastinations. At least for an hour. To allow you to work toward your intentions. Nothing else matters, write horribly, fail miserably (or better as the saying goes) and then reconvene to chat about it. You will have spent an hour working on what you care about. Just as it takes many drops of water to fill a bucket, so it takes many hours to write a book.

Dianne says it much better here. Here is how it works for me. Here is how it has worked for others.

Click through the door on the sidebar to find this week's schedule. I post schedules on Sundays. I also take requests. Email me at tina dot laurel at gmail dot com.

If you have ideas or otherwise want to weigh in, please comment below or email. I'd love to hear from you!

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