Adult Class Descriptions

Past classes:

Social Class: 7 - 9 pm April 23, 2014.
This class is for checking back in. We will do the usual. Write and share and snack on popcorn. $15 for a drop-in. Or $60 for a punchcard of 6.

Get Down to Business Class: 7 - 9 pm April 30, 2014.
Come 5 minutes early and we will take until 7:10 to get settled, but once we are in our seats, get ready to write. These will be character focused writing exercises, meant to lead you into deeper understandings of your protagonist whether that character is based on some version of yourself or a figment of your imagination (could be the same thing anyway). $15 for a drop-in. Or $60 for a punchcard of 6.

I got my yoga teaching certification over the past couple months (that's why you haven't heard from me) and I will be going for more training soon, in the meantime, come join me in the porch! We will breathe, write, and take the posture of sustained concentration on what's on your mind.

Expect to hear from me again in June.

For more info read on:

I teach home-style from my studio (which is a converted garage). We write quickly and badly in a low-key environment because it's those kinds of combinations that bring about the best ideas and most creative prose. All classes have space for 5 writers.

Write-ins: let Tina be your writing dominatrix, because you know you don’t have one at home.
Tea and schedule/timer provided. BYOmalt liquor and red bull (or other writing enhancements).
Work Schedule is as follows:
7:00-7:15 social
7:15-7:45 writing
7:45-7:50 break
7:50-8:20 writing
8:20-8:25 break
8:25-8:55 writing

Exercise Class! You need to move your mind for inspiration. Right or wrong, your head gets into a groove. It can’t help it, the synapses fire again and again, digging ruts into your delicate brain. hake things up in order to get out. Whether you need it or not. Check out the calendar link to your right to see when these are offered.

Writer's Social Come. Be with your people. You want to comune with others who are trying to transform through words, just like you. One meeting a month is for chatting and partying. There will be writing as well, but this is about sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Because we are all bound to get all of the above.

Finally, the punch card. Sign up for any single class for $15. Or buy any three for the low, low price of $40. Or even less expensive, buy 6 punches for $60. I will need to suspend my schedule from time to time. You might need to too. The thing is, I need you to make a commitment. The thing is, you need you to make a commitment too. My punchcards can be purchased through Paypal if that is easier for you(email me and I will send you a link) than buying in person. Or let's talk at the studio. I accept cash, check, and work in trade. What do you got that I need? Tina's Studio Calendar is searchable in Google Calendar if you want to see the next months' dates (I also pasted the HTML below). Subscribe if you want to come to every single class! You will be welcome! I have scheduled them through May.