World Camp 2016

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 
 - Marcel Proust

June 27 - July 1 (Monday - Friday), 9:30 am until 3:30 pm. $250

We write and then go out and gather inventory for our writing from real life exploration. We will walk or take public transportation.This year we will explore distinct ethnic neighborhoods; a Somali museum, Mercado Central and a Hmong market and take a trip to the Northside. We will also go to the beach and make food together. My main goal is that we have fun and learn amazing new things about the city we live in, each other, and ourselves.

This itinerary:

Day 1: We write/get to know each other/orient ourselves then head out to Kamal suuq the Somali Museum and Somali food. Walk there. Take the bus back.

Day 2: Begin to inventory the rules of our world. Check out Hmong Village, find lunch there. Drive?

Day 3: What do we know?/ what can we unknow? Walk Northside. Lunch and writing at Breaking Bread. Take the bus home.

Day 4: Beach potluck, walk and swim

Day 5: Cook together/silent walking/wrap up

Read about last year's camp here.

Tina's Studio Classes are held in Lowry Hill, Minneapolis.

Class is capped at 8. Age range is approximate: 13 - 16.

If you want to read about how camp went, check it out here.

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Human-thropology: Cultural Relativism. video
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