This is wonderful, and thank you for speaking out re: the election. I have a dim view of a significant number of Democratic Party policies as well and find myself cringing sometimes over the candidates I have to advocate for ... but the Republicans have really evolved into something utterly inhumane and untenable. We fight the good fight with the tools available to us, and right now it is the Dems.

David Treuer's "Heartbeat of Wounded Knee" discusses the Little Crow war quite extensively too. It was a brutal time to be Indigenous then. When my people, the Pembina Chippewa, attended the Treaty of Old Crossing gathering in 1863 with the Minnesota Ojibwe, the governor of Minnesota was still paying bounties on Native scalps. This is not ancient history. Thank you for sharing it as well.

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Oct 25, 2022Liked by Tina Laurel Lee

Tina, this is a wonderful and powerful post today! Thank you for writing it! I feel the grief too but your words bring hope.

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Oct 26, 2022Liked by Tina Laurel Lee

So much to think about here Tina. I am always learning from you. Thank you for your voice and these important words.

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