Welcome to Songs of Forgiveness! Please join me in developing the language and the stories that the world needs. Thanks so much for being here 🙏🏼

I write stories to transform your perspective on life and living and post them with the phases of the moon. I invite you to come along and develop a more natural alignment with the passing of time.

It has taken much to get to the here and now. I am grateful for my tax-subsidized Land Grant University education, my MFA instructors and cohort, my undergrad Intro to African American Literature class, my undergrad LatinX Lit class in 1996, my advising professor Madelon Sprengnether, and the reading list from my mid-90s Book Club, “Gals Who Read”— the title which held as we switched to quilting as the next generation began arriving. I am grateful to my TH-TH writing group, my Practice Room peeps, the Rapid Writers, the Loft, and my Summer Camp Kids and their parents. My ever supportive husband. My many, many sisters who contribute to this project all the time. My mother without whom I would never have been born and neither would have Songs of Forgiveness. And my grandmothers, who taught me about how much sacred is in the ordinary.

I am ever grateful to Cousin Kathy for a box of books she gave to me around my eighteenth year. This introduced me to some of my most influential reading experiences. As I recall, the box was bottomless: Willa Cather. Toni Morison. Gloria Naylor. Virginia Wolf. Zora Neale Hurston. Sandra Cisneros. Maxine Hong Kingston. Louise Erdrich. Margaret Atwood. And many more.

It was this kind of reading that led me to where I am today.

I generally posts 4 times a month on the primary phases of the moon and delivers Yoga Poetry Radio in fits and starts.

All this changes with circumstances. I travel extensively in the summer and share my travelogues via photo essays and TikTok.

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A letter about love and language and the role of forgiveness in transformative change. Dispatched on the primary phases of the moon.


Tina's a writer, yoga teacher, and activist. Born in the country, raised in the city, a child of divorce, always moving between households, locales, bio-systems. She writes about love, loss and the role of forgiveness in transformative change.