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Inner Troll Yoga School is a Minnesota based organization that shares yoga philosophy of Interconnection. Boundaries. Communication. Responsibility.

Because sometimes standing in the way of PROGRESS 
is necessary to promote harmony in our very human nature.

Learn yogic principals to develop the strength of your internal voice.

Trolls are the keeper of streams and rivers, and therefore the guardians of boundaries. They can be quiet and gentle, and at times, loud and scary. Honor your inner troll by learning to balance curiosity and fear and create a life worth living in a world worth living in.

Find our Moon Journal at our Etsy Shop, Slideshow Sisters. Our work is a sister collaboration between writer, Tina Laurel Lee, and artist, Becka Lynn Lee.

Inner Troll Yoga School founder and lead teacher, Tina Laurel Lee, sends out a newsletter on loss and freedom called Songs of Forgiveness. Sign up to receive her moon phase missives right in your in box.

Her companion podcast Yoga Poetry Radio shares yoga, meditation, and breathing practices, check them out here.

Find Tina’s pandemic projects below—

Videos for preteens and their families on Common Ground Meditation Center’s YouTube Channel. These were created after practice groups shut down in March of 2020.

Inner Troll Yoga School’s YouTube Channel was created when yoga at Linden Hills Recreation Center went online in March of 2020.