Songs of Forgiveness
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natural breath meditation for when its hard to breathe

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natural breath meditation for when its hard to breathe

easy seated episode to create more space by toggling your attention and movement

This meditation employs different objects to help build your capacity for being with what is going on right now. Building capacity by noticing resistance and titrating between what is difficult and what is easy.

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Songs of Forgiveness
Yoga Poetry Radio
Yoga with more heart than eyeball. These short mindful yoga sessions are listening only. Practices vary from walking meditation, to breathing practices, to seated and standing movement options, to the more esoteric and released in fits and starts. Feel-your-way in your own space at your own pace. This podcast is a companion to my newsletter on loss and liberation called Songs of Forgiveness. I invite you to click through to my newsletter at and read more of what I do. I post my letters with the phases of the moon and I invite you to subscribe and travel time with me.
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