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returning home meditation

returning home meditation

a movement and reflection practice for the new moon

Welcome to Yoga Poetry Radio. Today’s episode is yoga movement meditation for coming home, followed by some writing prompts. It’s the new moon today and a true completion of any lunation. Today, October 25th, at 5 am, we complete the container of the last lunation and begin one anew. We will do this with a simple 10 breath practice. So put on something comfortable, put in your earbuds, get out your writing from lunation and some blank pages to write on, grab your pen.

Let’s start in seated. Ground yourself. Initiate the breath.

Take a minute to consider the moon cycle that is culminating right now. The things you have read and written over the past 4 weeks. What you have done and accomplished? What have you began and not finished? Make a space for everything. Anything that is hard to let go of, any discomforts the past lunation entailed, and all the goodness too. Be with your breath, use it to ventilate any feelings that has come up. What has changed and what has remained the same? All is welcome in this container, we are here to process it. Emotion, water, time, all is want to move. Our bodies are where they move.

Feel free to pause the recording to capture any of the thing that came up with your pen, but don’t take too long, come back and get with the flow.

Drop whatever you have found, the good the bad and the ugly, into your heart space. And find gratitude for the things that got you here to this moment in time.

Let my voice guide you, but your body is your first teacher, so take the best and leave the rest. Reach out if you have questions.

If last week was about the details, seeing things up close and personal, Mouse Medicine, then this week is about the overview, Hawk Medicine. We consider all there was from the last rotation of the moon around the sun, and beginning to create the container for the next rotation. It is an arrival to a place of reflection, to the dark time, and practice, while all is coming.

Let’s begin moving. Inhale arms high. Exhale lower arms. 10 Breaths. I will count. This practice may have lots of silence where we count and breathe. You are the observer self. My breaths may be shorter or longer than yours. This is where you initiate the observer. Light ness around your heart. Light arms.

Cat and cow in seated. 10 breaths.

Lean back on hands and windshield wiper legs in seated. 10 breaths.

Table top and fire hydrant, back and forth. 10 breaths.

Down Dog 10 Breaths.

Low lunge right. 10 breaths.

Wide leg forward fold. 10 breaths.

Low lunge left. 10 breaths.

Cat and Cow. 10 breaths. Make it luxurious.

Step to low lunge left. Walk your hands to the right finding your version of a yogi squat. Seat lifted or lowered. Hands at heart or supporting your weight on the floor. 10 breaths.

Lift your seat to Forward fold. 10 breaths.

Return to seated. Pause the recording at any moment to write.

Come to rest in this moment that contains so much. Take note of your senses. What to you perceive in this moment of being human on this planet? Taking this moon time travel to build capacity moving between rest and effort, becoming an artist of progress. Wake up strength and integrity.

The beginning contains the ending and the ending contains the beginning. Like a ying yang sign, holding a speck of lightness in the dark and a speck of the darkness in the light. Make note of your energy now. What has given you energy? What has drained it? While you consider these questions, retain the neutral position of the hawk, flying above, getting the overview. Observing what comes up without letting it override your perceptions. If there is something there that pushes or pulls you, step back from the content, and observe. Where does it reside in the body? What is its texture? Move between the polarities of your heart and your head to capture your personal data. Consider what would give this lunation a sense of completion? What are you putting to rest? How do you begin all over again? What seeds will you plant in that hummus for the next?

Ventilate those questions with your breath. Capture the data as you see fit.

Bring your hands together at your heart. We will close with the sound of OM. Let the vibration start all the way down in the earth beneath your seat, rise through your pelvic floor and entrails and guts to your chest, move across the back of your scull, to your forehead, and end with the hum in your nose. Creating all that good Nasal Nitrix Oxide that sinks back into your heart and veins. The following exhale will be silent to finish with a silent om to be shared around. Feel free to join along or just listen.

Exhale. Inhale through the nose. Om. This vibration seals the deal. Whatever goodness we have created with our practice today, was sent out and shared with all other beings. Thank you for your practice.

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