Mar 23, 2022 • 21M

sun salute (gentle)

Standing practice with wall or countertop as support. This practice is designed to open up your internal passageways and let your blood and energy flow. Use this to greet your day.

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Tina Laurel Lee
Yoga with more heart than eyeball. These short mindful yoga sessions are listening only. Practices vary from walking meditation, to breathing practices, to seated and standing movement options, to the more esoteric and released in fits and starts. Feel-your-way in your own space at your own pace. This podcast is a companion to my newsletter on loss and liberation called Songs of Forgiveness. I invite you to click through to my newsletter at and read more of what I do. I post my letters with the phases of the moon and I invite you to subscribe and travel time with me.
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This sun salute is in honor of the lengthening days as we head into spring here where I write in North America. The sun salute was created in the early 20th century as much of postural yoga was as it expanded to the west, so it is relatively new in the history of yoga. Before that yoga was a sitting and breathing practice, a system for calming and understanding the mind and movement, a system designed to bring us to wholeness. As Patañjali said, “Practice and all is coming.” To me, it makes sense that yoga would find its way to the west through the body practice, as we have been all mind divided from our bodies for so very long. Nature exists in the body. This gentle variation is meant to open the pathways in the body so you can stay connected to your best intentions all day long. Put care for the body on a solar schedule. Let me know what you discover.